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Riverside International Speedway has been the home to exciting dirt track racing in the mid-south since 1949. Many legends in motor sports racing were been born in the Arkansas gumbo. Many special moments and events have happened at this track and we would like to showcase some of those memories here on our website for all to read.

We offer you the opportunity to tell the stories that built this facility. We want to share these moments with the racing world to let them know how much history and how much talent has passed through the gates at R.I.S. No story is too small or too big. If your story had special moments in the history of Riverside Speedway, then send it to us and if you have a picture or two that would go along with it, send those too and they can be added to your story. Personal special moments, possibly memories of a person who made a difference in the Memphis racing scene or made a difference in your life. If it has to do with Riverside, we would love to hear from you.

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"Swingin Sam's" Final Race - Fills in for Sammy and wins the feature!



Father, Tom Murrah B class -1958 -1960
1 feature win

Son, Tom Murrah street stock -
1988 1994 - 2 feature wins


Letter from Diane Schuh, Marion AR, 7-25-09M


First of all let me say...  that was some racing tonight!  As the gentleman said after he exited the 2-seater, the track was great and it did indeed provide for an exciting and fun-filled evening.  Thank you for continuing to make it possible for us all to be able to watch, in my opinion, the best dirt track racing I've seen; and that includes watching it televised.

I just wanted to submit this old track photograph to be considered for the "magazine" you are collaborating with the Evening Times.  It is Jeff Swindell in one of his first wins at The Ditch.  I am not sure of the actual date it was taken but I believe it was in the mid to late 70's.

Again, thank you for your continued efforts to bring the excitement that is found at your track.

God Bless,  Diane Schuh, Marion, AR

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