ENDURO RACE has been moved to Sunday, October 16.  No choice in moving race because of heavy rains Friday.  Times are listed below. 

11:00 AM Pit Gate Opens

11:30 AM Registration Opens - Each driver and his/her rider(s) must report to the registration table together.

1:30 PM Car must be in the gate and driver with riders at registration.

2:00 PM Registration closes & Spectator Gate Opens

2:15 PM Drivers' Meeting

2:30 PM Cars lined up on track

2:55 PM National Anthem

​3:00 PM Green Flag Drops

Enduro Race--Email your registration to Tommy at mullinst72@gmail.com.  Be sure to Include your name, address, city, state,zip, social security number, and telephone number in your email to mullinst72@gmail.com.   The new time Sunday, October 16!!!  See times above.

****Be There Sunday, October 16!!   Don't miss your chance to race and enjoy the fun.  No money is due until registration.  Sign up for the Enduro Text Messages.  Text Enduro to 84483 and register your telephone with the Enduro group.  All updates and/or changes will be texted and posted on this web page.