​​​Pit Parking

1.  There have been several requests for new parking spots and for teams that want to increase parking spots so please notify Tommy Mullins your plans now (immediately, please).  If you want to stay where you are IN YOUR CURRENT PARKING SPOT, you must notify Tommy Mullins by January 31.  (Text or call 901 619-6335 OR EMAIL MULLINST72@GMAIL.COM)  No parking spots will be given until AFTER January 31.  Any parking spots that are not paid by February 28 are considered open and may be given to someone else.

2.  Beginning February 1 pit parking spaces become "open"--available to other people.  

3.  Reserved Pit parking is due February 1.  Reserved 
Pit Parking must be paid no later than February 28 
to secure your parking space for the year.  ALL checks are to be made out to Riverside Speedway.  If reserved parking is not paid by February 28, the parking spot is OPEN.

4.  All spots are $150.    The 360 parking spots are $50 and 600 shared spots which are $100 each.

***If you do NOT contact Tommy, it will be assumed that you do NOT want a parking space for 2017.

Click PIT PARKING above to see the pit parking tentative layout.  Pit parking is $50 for 360 and 600 shared spots are $100.  Pit parking is $150 for 305 WS, LM, MOD, and Stock.  Your parking spot is for the night's that your class of cars are running at RIS and "may" not be available when RIS has special races.  Every effort is made to make sure that your parking space is available on the nights that you race.

Notice the numbers run consecutively, and they are numbered 1-100. In the 45 degree parking spaces, please park at 45 degrees where indicated.  Observe all signs and do not park in someone's paid parking spot or in a NO PARKING area.  Anyone without a paid parking spot, must park in the open parking area. If you park in a paid parking spot, you will be asked to move if the person who paid for that parking space comes.  If you wish to let someone park in your paid parking spot, you MUST TELL TOMMY MULLINS or a track official.  If you do not tell a track official ahead of time,  the spot may be given to someone else.

Any questions contact, Tommy Mullins at 901 619-6335.  If you are interested in a parking spot, call Tommy at 901 619-6335 or email Tommy at mullinst72@gmail.com.

Anyone without a paid parking spot, must park in the open parking area.