Lance O'Brien, Parts Plus Riverside Stock (owners: Diane and Stephen Frazier)

Cody Gardner Pancho's 360 Wing Sprints (owners Kristel and Tommy Roland)

Eddie Gallagher Memphis Car Audio 305 Wing Sprint


Cody Gardner, Pancho's 360 Wing Sprints (owners, Kristel and Tommy Roland); Eddie Gallagher, Memphis Car Audio 305 Wing Sprints (owner, DeWayne White); Bubba Wilburn (owner, Jamie Otts), Pull A Part Late Models; Brandon Poppenheimer (owner, Brandon & Poppy Poppenheimer),  3 Consecutive Years Champion, G & S Electric Modifieds; Joey Brock  Black Oak Gin 600 MiniSprints; Lance O'Brien (owner, Diane and Mike Frazier, Parts Plus Riverside Stock.  ***Special congratulations to Brandon Poppenheimer for 3 consecutive Championships in the G & S Electric Modified Class

Bubba Wilburn, Pull A Part Late Model, (owner Jame Otts)

Brandon Poppenheimer, 3rd consecutive year G & S Electric Modified (owners Brandon & Poppy Poppenheimer)

Joey Brock, Black Oak Gin 600 MS

Class Rules 2017

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