Howard Moore, Pancho's 360 Wing Sprints (owner, Shari and William); Brad Bpwden, 305 Wing Sprints (owner, Jim Bowden); Brandon Poppenheimer (owner, Brandon and Poppy Poppenheimer),  Late Models; Brandon Poppenheimer (owner, Brandon & Poppy Poppenheimer),  5 Consecutive Years Champion, G & S Electric Modifieds; Steven Parker,  Black Oak Gin 600 MiniSprints; Lance O'Brien 2nd Year(owner, Diane and Mike Frazier), The Supply House Riverside Stock.  ***Special recognition to Brandon Poppenheimer for 5 consecutive Championships in the G & S Electric Modified Class and for winning 2 classes (modified and late model)  Special Recognition to Lance O'Brien for winning Stock class 2 years in a row.  Thanks to Billy Russ ( for the pictures.

Class Rules 2019

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